The Oracle

I’m pleased to announce that a new game is up on the website. The Oracle is a small RPG in which the players take on the role of priests trying to interpret a prophecy for the king. The prophecy is almost gibberish, but the priests are not only motivated by the tenets of their faith but also their political views, each trying to influence the king.

I wrote The Oracle as a self-imposed challenge to create a game driven by selecting random lines from a book. Any book. The cynical idea to make players corrupt priests came later. I invite the players to modify or abandon the setting if they have a different, more exciting idea – let me know how it went.

Quarantine – 200 Words RPG 2017 entry

If you’ve never heard about 200 Words RPG, it’s a contest set up by David Schirduan for a complete, self-contained game that only takes 200 words. It’s been running for a few years and provides an excellent opportunity to begin an adventure with RPG design, as the task is small enough to be achievable by most who put their mind to it, the process teaches clarity in writing and simplicity in design. Networking and commenting on other people’s designs is part of the contest and every year it gets bigger – so if you fancy a foray into the world of indie RPGs, check it out.

I’ve participated last year with a game I’m not exactly proud of any more, so I thought I wouldn’t participate this year. However, on a longer than usual drive home I had an idea that I thought was good enough to be submitted. Initial draft took only 150 words so I had room for improvement. While the theme of starvation with hints of cannibalism is not exactly what I consider fun, I think the game is interesting enough to linger around the nets, even if no one would play it. Feel free to check it out on my website or directly on the contest website.